The EVANDE actions and deliverables include the following:

1. Management meetings

Management meetings to share experiences and practices by visiting other partner’s territories and organizations, to organize the implementation of actions and monitor the activities. Four project management meetings are foreseen.

2. Data Acquisition-Elaboration on the topic of natural disasters and civil protection

The partners will:

  • Collect, filter, elaborate and validate existing knowledge and best practices on the nature, consequences and response to natural disasters, like floods, forest (wild) fires, and earthquakes effects, and analyse intra-governmental and EU policies and strategies to mitigate risks.
  • Compile technical reports on the above mentioned topics of interest.
  • Produce publications and products (e.g. newsletters, brochures), that explain scientific information in a popular language for non-scientific staff.

3. Development of e-learning tools and project training

The main outcome will be the web-platform for e-learning activities that will be based on the Multimedia Open Learning Environment (MOLE- The EVANDE e-learning platform will be used as a communication and educational tool in order to make available the information collected by the partners to the public. The final tools will be disseminated and promoted during the various project trainings and public events.

The e-learning tools and trainings that will be developed in collaboration with civil protection actors include:

  • web-based e-seminars for floods, wild fires, earthquakes and European policies specified for volunteers and civil protection operators, including multimedia presentations, lectures, practice tests and other resources,
  • web-based games and mobile location-based educational games
  • training and educational seminars for volunteers and local authorities’ staff in every country participating,
  • four national meetings for volunteers in project countries, and
  • an international volunteer training event in Italy.

4. Dissemination actions

For the project dissemination needs it is planned:

  • the operation of the EVANDE website,
  • the publication of 4 e-newsletters, brochures and publications on natural disasters and civil protection issues,
  • the organization of national and international trainings and public meetings, and
  • the development of a sustainability strategy in order to ensure the exploitation of the project outcomes and the follow-up.